Helpful Tips On How To Sell A Broken Car And Earn Money

Car dealership is the nastiest place to sell a car because the trade-in-value they offer is the lowest. If you visit them to sell your damaged care, then they will consider it as a junk piece. Therefore, it is advised that you choose a reliable dealer to sell a broken car.

It is better to sell your damaged car than spending a lot of money on fixing it. Why spend money when you can get some cash out of your trash.

Tips to sell your broken car

Sell car ‘As-Is’ condition

Run an ad online with complete honesty regarding its condition. For estimated price take help from your mechanic or take help of a friend who has knowledge about the market for such cars.

Sell car parts separately

If your car in a very bad condition, then separate the parts. There are some people, who need specific part of your car to fix theirs. The cost of buying specific new parts from dealers can be outrageous. Used parts can be easily sold online.  

Make a list of all those small parts bought from dealers that are expensive. Some of the parts can be removed easily. If there are any flaws in them, then mention it clearly in the advertisement. People are always on a look out for used parts. This way you can earn more than selling your car to a dealer.

Sell car to junkyard

Majority of junkyards haul off old cars and even pay some cash. However, you need to check, if they take a car, after you sell its major parts. Some junkyard owners are very picky. If you don’t wish to go through all the process of selling parts separately than call a junkyard to haul it away for some cash.

Sell car at scrapyard

Scrapyard is the last option. Here you are selling by weight. For heavy vehicles, this is a good option. Therefore it is wise to dissect and sell parts because scrapyards don’t care about the car remains. They only pay by weight.

The only drawback is that they don’t tow the car. You need to hire a tow truck and pay them. The amount by weight minus the tow truck rental expense leaves you with almost nothing, so it is sensible to use a junkyard service that handles the towing as well.

Sell car online

Today, several websites are being launched that buy junk cars. Make sure that they take the responsibility of towing the car.


Be realistic on the price you determine for your car and never settle on anything less. Remember, it is logical to deal with individuals rather than dealerships.

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