Preparing The Rim For A Flawless Powder Coated Finish

For any powder coating to be successful and absolutely flawless, there are certain prep work that need to be done before the actual coating takes place. This is especially true for tyre rims which have to be absolutely flawless so as to prevent any untoward incidents and fatal accidents from happening while on the roads.

There is a certain procedure involved in this process and, if the same is correctly and thoroughly followed, the risks that might arise from a flawed rim are almost absolutely negated. The steps include:

  • Disassembly: As the term indicates, all parts which are attached to that part of the rim which needs to be coated will have to be removed before any coating can be done. This includes rubber, gaskets, bearing, wiring, plastics, magnets etc.
  • Cleaning: A thorough cleaning of the part to be coated using a general degreaser, is an absolute necessity so as to remove all the dirt, grime, oil and grease present. Coats of previous paints or rust will be removed in the next step.
  • Stripping: This step needs to be carried out only if remnants of previous coatings of paint are present on the rims. Stripping makes it easy to ensure total removal of all previous paints since some stubborn paint marks can be difficult to clean even while sandblasting.
  • Outgassing: The process involves pre-baking the part on which powder coating is to be applied. Pre-baking is carried out at a very high temperature so as to heat the oils present within the part, convert them into gas and drive them out.
  • Sandblasting: This step further cleans the part to be coated while at the same time also gives it a texture.
  • Cleaning after sandblasting: This is done to remove the sandblasting dirt present on the rim.
  • Masking: This process needs to be done using a clean pair of gloves. In fact some parts might need more masking than others so that the powder can be coated properly.
  • Hanging: The while rim or part of it needs to be hanged from a strong hook and it is ready for applying the required coat of powder.

These steps need to be carried out in the proper order and with dedication and sincerity so as to get the desired finish.