Why An Oil Change Is A Simple Upgrade For Your Vehicle

In love, it’s not always the grand, sweeping gestures that mean the most but the small, subtle things that show your partner you care. The same thing goes for your vehicle. While regular tune-ups are important for every vehicle, smaller maintenance tasks have a huge impact on your car’s performance. An oil change is one of those tasks that can keep your vehicle in its best shape. Though simple and relatively quick to do, changing your oil comes with the following distinct benefits:

It prevents yourengine from overheating

As the summer fades into fall, heat seems like the opposite problem you’ll encounter in the near future. Here, we’re not talking about the warmth of your cabin, where you need to stay cozy if you expect to enjoy your ride in the winter. We’re talking about the temperature of your engine.

Your engine is an intricate system of moving parts. Left to their own devices, these pieces rub up against each other and cause friction. Where there’s friction, there’s heat, and when your engine overheats, it can cause damage to your vehicle and halt your travel plans. A quick oil change ensures your engine is properly lubricated to prevent unnecessary friction from happening.

It keeps things clean

There are various claims made by motor oil companies that their particular blend will last longer than their competitor’s. The fact of the matter is, all oil degrades. It’s just a matter of time before dirt and other contaminants pollute the oil. This grit reduces the oil’s effectiveness as a lubricant.

Time isn’t kind to oil even if your filtration system kept these contaminants from entering the oil. Eventually, the oil gets so overworked that it becomes a kind of viscous sludge. Dirty, sludgy oil can’t do its job. It can also gum up your engine and reduce its performance and lifespan.

How often should you change your oil?

It used to be that you had to change your oil as soon as you drove 3,000 miles, but this rule of thumb was designed for older cars. Now, an oil change with a modern car using the highest quality synthetic oil can wait until you’ve driven between 10,000 and 15,000 miles before you need an oil change.

The length in time you’ll have to wait until you call your local mechanic depends on where you live. For someone who commutes from Brampton to Toronto or other parts of the GTA, their regular daily commute is a lot longer than other motorists’ living in less busy parts of the world. These drivers will need to change their oil, as well as service their vehicle, more often. These drivers will want to find the mechanic that performs the best oil change Brampton has to offer to ensure this process is quick and reliable. The best mechanicBrampton has to offer works at a shop that performs full auto repair services for all their maintenance needs.

You should start paying attention to the miles you drive every day, so you know when to have your oil changed. If your local mechanic doesn’t offer reliable repair services on top of their oil changes, you need to find a new auto service centre that can help regardless of your issue.

In the list of maintenance and repair tasks your vehicle undergoes in its lifespan, a regular oil change is relatively unassuming. Though it’s simple to perform, it promises to improve the performance of your vehicle, so don’t forget to schedule your next change soon.