Portable restrooms and the history

The term portable defines it all; easy movement and super easy to handle. The same principle applies to Portable Restrooms. They can be easily moved from one place to another and hence, they are called mobile toilets. The portable restrooms can be brought on sites such as building site or festival site so that the sanitation services can be provided anytime, anywhere.

Others forms of portable restrooms are the ones which are fitted inside boats, caravans or vehicles. Some of these portable restrooms can be reused frequently and may be easily moved to the other sites as well.  They can be used for multiple situations such as camping, festivals, boats and urban slums for the development of the countries.

Example of portable restroom  

  • Composting restroom
  • Urine-diversion dehydration restroom
  • Container-based restroom
  • Composting restroom
  • Bucket restroom
  • Freezing restroom
  • Chemical restroom
  • Incineration restrooms

Facts about the portable restrooms

Here are a few fascinating facts about portable restroom that one must know.

  • Introduced in 1940

The history says that the portable restrooms got introduced during the second world war in 1940. The idea came when the owners at shipyard realized that the employees were losing valuable works when they go for a long distance to answer the nature’s call. After that, they decided to build small and portable cubicles which were made up of metal or wood and contained a holding tank. This resulted in more work and it even made the workers happier.

  • One flame, multiple names

The portable restrooms have multiple names. They are also called Honey bucket, Portable toilets, Water- closet, Porta-potty, Johnny-on-the-spot or Porta-loo.

  • The evolvement

The portable restrooms were made only to be used on ships but now it has grown and evolved as something really big and has been catering to a broader scope. The initial structures were made up of metal and wood. But the only problem that came in front was that it made it very heavy and really difficult to empty. As the time went on, they used lighter materials. Thus, it got easier to clean.

Where to purchase portable restroom?

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