Major Maintenance Tips for the 2020 Dodge Journey Model

When you own a 2020 Dodge Journey, you are already fortunate enough to stay tension free of its ruggedness, as the vehicle is coming from a truck specialized automaker. The power is plenty under the hood to take care of the different road surfaces, and the driving dynamics will also make your journey easier by prompting you every right input you need to tackle the route. But to maintain that worry free performance of your favorite 2020 Dodge Journey model, you need to follow certain maintenance schedule. So here we are jotting down the major details of the 2020 Dodge Journey maintenance schedule.

Oil Change

Following the convention, the 2020 Dodge Journey too will need an engine oil refill after crossing every 10,000 miles. So, if it is recommended to keep a check on your odometer and set up a reminder for the upcoming oil change schedule, even if your dealership has agreed to do it for you. it is to keep your own daily schedule undisturbed, so that you can stay prepared in advance, and can arrange for yourself a second commuting option. Sometimes your dealer can also provide you with one.

Tire Rotation

If you are owning an older version of the Dodge Journey model, the interval time between rotating the tires will be the same conventional 10,000 miles. But if it is the 2020 year model of Dodge Journey, you are free to run 30,000 miles before you take it for a session of tire rotation.

Replacement of Cabin Air Filter

The cabin of every 2020 Dodge Journey is a cozy place to spend quality time with your family and friends. It will stay fresh the same way even for 20,000 miles without a hitch. But once it crosses this limit, Dodge asks you to replace its Cabin Air Filter, so that its air conditioner can breathe in fresh air and your cabin environment doesn’t go stale.

Engine Air Filter Replacement

But when it comes to replacing the Engine Air Filter, Dodge allows you to stay worry free for 30,000 miles. That’s the magic figure which can be a span of a lifetime for the non-extensive travelers.

Flushing and Refilling of Coolant

Every 2020 Dodge Journey can run without any complaint without the flushing out or replacing the Coolant for 150,000 miles. How often do you cross 150, 000 miles? So, Dodge says keep your cool.

Changing of Transmission Fluid

Unless your 2020 Dodge Journey has already crossed 60,000 miles, you need not worry about the transmission fluid change or replacement. Till then your engine compartment can run without sending you any warning message.

Replacement of Rear Drive Assembly Fluid

The service station mechanics of the New Buffalo Dodge dealer suggest to check the Rear Drive Assembly Fluid of your 2020 Dodge Journey once it crosses 60,000 miles. Dodge grants every 2020 Journey owner enough time to relax and enjoy its relentless performance. But if you are an extensive traveler and your 2020 Journey has crossed all the above said milestones, then you must do justice to your workhorse and reward it with all the necessary changes and replacements.