The proper ways to change an electric bike tire

There are a variety of electric bikes that significantly differ in terms of shape, size, design and colour. However, changing an electric bike tire is the same for all the bike models. Many have difficulty in changing the electric bike tires. But, here you can see the easy methods to perform this task. Now let us see the ways to fix your electric bike tire.

Step by step guide

  • Highest gear

Ensure that the bike is in highest gear when fixing the rear wheel. It is important to shift the gear in the highest so that the chain is away from the hub.

  • Place the bike in the correct position.

When fixing the ride place the bike in the correct position by securing it with a Stand when turning it upside down. This way, the handles can support the weight of the vehicle. Be careful not to damage the components in the handlebar. In this position, changing an electric bike tire is very easy.

  • Detach the motor cable

When changing the electric bike tires, you can see the chain guard and right under it; there is a motor cable of the vehicle. This electric bike motor hub runs from the battery to the hub. However, the motor cable setup varies between different models. So, the main step is to unplug the motor cable.

  • Remove the wheel

With the help of a quick-release skewer, you can unscrew the tire by flipping out the handle. If your electric bike has an axle bolt then first remove it to unscrew the wheel from the frame. Also, if there is any rubber cover, nut or guard, then peel it off. Take a right sized spanner to remove all the wheel nuts. Some electric bike models have axels on the other side so unscrew the nuts from the opposite side.

Before removing the axle, it is important to make a mark of the point to remember its position. When reinstalling the axles, you have to place it correctly to prevent inconveniences. Also, make a point of the washers to reinstall it correctly.

  • Lift the wheel

After removing the axles and nuts, you may be able to remove the wheels easily. When lifting the wheel, the chain may catch up the cassette. In this situation, push the jockey wheels to loosen it.

  • Use the tire lever to fit the new tire.

Once the old tire is removed the rest of the process is the same as fixing the normal bike tire. Moreover, the plastic or silicon tire levers are suggested for this process. The next process is to change the tube of the tire. To fix the new tire, bead it to the groove so that it will fit in the rim easier.

By using the hand or lever, adjust the tire to fit in the frame. Now, try to pump the inner tube valve and inflate it. During the inflation process, the tire should pop to the other side of the rim. The last process is to check if the feel is correctly fixed. Also, tighten the nuts, axles and bolts to complete the process.


You can take notice of some additional tips such as checking the minimum and maximum pressure of the wheel. Also, this pressure is printed on the sidewall. Use the pump that has a pressure gauge to set the desired pressure level. Make sure that the rim has no sharp object when fitting the new tire. By following the above steps, you can effortlessly fix your electric bike tire.