Why Buying a Used Car Is the First Choice for New Drivers?

When it comes to buying a car for a new driver, many people are often in a dilemma regarding whether they should buy a new car or used car. Both the used and new ones have their own pros and cons.

The ones that go in favour of new car are that it has a company warranty and hence if something goes wrong with the new driver in the driving seat it will be repaired free of cost. But is it actually true? The car will be repaired obviously free of cost, but then the next year you will have to pay the hiked insurance charges as you will not get the benefit of no claim bonus.

The other argument is that the new car has the latest gadgets installed. This is true but while you are new to driving these gadgets can distract you a lot. It is better to learn to have full control of the vehicle first, which can be achieved easily on a used car. Later, you can switch to a new one if you want.

The procedure to buy a used car in Bangalore, Delhi or any other city in India is the same and simple. You can visit the authorized used car dealer and get a reliable car to try your driving skills before moving on to a brand new one.

Used cars come at nearly one-third the price of a new one (the same model). So, why not learn to navigate through heavy traffic in a car that is least expensive than trying it with a brand-new model?


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