Three Reasons To Buy A Volkswagen As Your Next Car

Volkswagen were caught up in a pretty high profile scandal late last year when it emerged that they had sold cars with devices designed to fool emissions tests.

However, despite this, there are many reasons why motorists should avoid turning their backs on the manufacturer and consider buying a Volkswagen as their next vehicle, whether they’ve owned one or not.

The German manufacturer has been producing classic vehicles for many years now, and their reputation is built upon some of the most critically acclaimed cars on the market.

Luxury cars without a luxury price tag

One of the things which Volkswagen pride themselves on most is offering high-end, luxury cars, without the hefty price tag that you would expect to have to pay.

Other manufacturers such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz produce incredible cars, but the costs are enough to put a lot of drivers off straight away.Image result for Three Reasons To Buy A Volkswagen As Your Next Car

However, Volkswagen vehicles allow you to experience the luxury and comfort of these top brands without having to break the bank.

Many of Volkswagen’s higher end models even come in at a lower price than the entry level versions of the higher-end manufacturer’s vehicles.

In addition, Volkswagen vehicles are often a lot cheaper to look after than their more expensive alternatives.

Good safety record

Volkswagens are known for being very safe vehicles, and for the quality of their construction.

They’re fitted with a range of safety features as standard such as crumple zones, a tough safety shell, airbags and an Isofix child seat fixing.

We spoke to an official Volkswagen parts dealer, VW Motor Parts, who said: “Volkswagen’s have built up a reputation for being one of the more reliable manufacturers out there, and always do well in the NCAP tests and other rankings.”

Their vehicles go through strenuous and comprehensive testing programmes of crash tests and are also subject to independent Euro NCAP testing before they are put onto the market, and you can read more about the safety measures put in place by Volkswagen at their website.

Safety should be one of the first things that you consider when purchasing a new vehicle, and you can rest easy that a Volkswagen is solid in this regard.Image result for Three Reasons To Buy A Volkswagen As Your Next Car

Good resale value

Finally, Volkswagens also have an excellent resale value, so when you do come to sell or part-exchange one further down the line, you should get a handsome return on them.

On the other hand, with the higher-end manufacturers we mentioned earlier on, such as BMW, their resale price will drop by almost half in as little as five years.

In fact, an eight-year-old BMW is expected to sell for as little as one-third of the original price for which it was bought.

As you can see in this article from WhatCar? Volkswagen models retain above average value after three years and/or 36,000 miles and retain 42.21{6f2836260fedf9ad242336b2a33c4cb8ca4369e8f9ab49d73548169bd47bcdeb} of their original value.

This is despite predictions that the manufacturer’s stock would fall following the emissions scandal, and the same article states that 59{6f2836260fedf9ad242336b2a33c4cb8ca4369e8f9ab49d73548169bd47bcdeb} of motorists actually said that they were still just as likely to buy a VW.