The importance of motor oil, why does your vehicle need it?

What is the importance of motor oil for the vehicle? What does the lubricant need for the engine? If you are a professional we are sure that you have very clear answers. Moreover, if you run or work in a workshop there will be few times that you have had to repair a vehicle because of poor lubrication of the engine. You, of course, need all car manuals to minimize the risk of incompatibility in choosing your car oil.

If you are not a professional, but you want your car or motorcycle to work properly for many years, take note of what we are going to tell you about this type of lubricant. To give you an idea of ​​the importance of motor oil for the vehicle, think about the role of blood in our body. Essential, right? Well, just as the blood keeps us alive, the oil is what allows the engine to work and, therefore, is responsible for you being able to drive your car or motorcycle where you need it.

Oil and motor are designed and manufactured thinking that they have to work together, they are a team. The oil is responsible for lubricating the moving parts that are in the engine, allowing it to work effectively. In addition to this function, it also takes care of cooling, cleaning and sealing the motor. In short, oil is what allows the engine to operate properly.

What would happen to the engine if it did not have oil?

If the oil does not lubricate those moving parts, the engines would suffocate. Does that sound like 'the engine has seized'? Well, that! A poorly lubricated engine is a risk to your car or motorcycle, which is why it is so important to change the vehicle's oil on time, if you do not want to spend more time on account of the workshop.

The care of the liquids is basic to keep the car in the optimal state.

Damages resulting from poor lubrication can be very expensive, there is even the possibility that you have to put a new engine to your vehicle, so the best thing is to never forget to check the oil periodically. Not maintaining the oil level required by your vehicle or not making the change in time endangers the life of the engine.