Much more to know about Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are cold weather tyres that are designed to work in lower temperatures that are on wet and dry roads. They can even work and better perform on ice and snow. They are specially designed to improve your vehicle’s performance and increase your safety in winter months while driving. They do not get harden like standard tyres. They not just improve the grip and control of your car, but also minimize the risk of hydroplaning as well as improve braking distance.

There are many companies that supply a hug rang of winter tyres that include; branded tyres, premium tyres as well as budget tyres this means that winter tyres are best for all specifications. Winter tyres contain more natural rubber than regular tyres, and are constructed of a softer compound. This is why they stay supple as temperatures drop below 7 degrees C, maintaining higher grips levels on the road, in conditions where a normal tyre becomes hard.

Looking close to the winter tyres you will notice that the tread differ from summer tyre. Winter tyre`s contact patch is more rugged. They are layered in thousands of sipes that are small channels cut in to the rubber which helps in displacing water at a faster rate. Winter tyres are becoming more relevant to more drivers because firstly the winters are becoming more unpredictable and sometimes they are mild whereas sometimes they grind the country under a couple of inches of a white stuff.

As per to the research winter tyres are better than summer tyres any time the temperature drops below 7 degree C. it will make your car stop more quickly and be less prone to skidding in any weather conditions. As compared to summer tyres, winter tyres are much expensive, but they are worth. So why to wait just buy them.

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