How Nissan's Intelligent Mobility Ensure a Better Ride Experience?

In the list of recent innovations implemented on the automotive industry, the name of few brands come in the first row. It is through implementing their new ideas and concepts, that the modern cars are able to provide smooth, comfortable and safer rides than ever before. The brand name Nissan is one such name that has inspired many other automakers to follow its footsteps in making each car ride smarter and more intelligent, by reducing the probabilities of collisions, traffic congestion and other driving hazards to a minimal level. In this respect, the technology Nissan has innovated is named as Intelligent Mobility. When we asked the Salinas Nissan dealers, what difference it made to their driving experience, they were all praise about this newer technology with which they enjoyed an all in all positive driving experience. When asked how, they explained us, the way it worked, and it is from their clear narration that we could get to the bottom of things. 

Defining Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility

In their own way of explaining things, Nissan proved the point that in the era of artificial intelligence, Cars can be made to think of their own, initiate communication with the driver, can even learn from past driving situations, and hence predict what can lie ahead. With this technology on board, the newly released Nissan cars will be able to recharge itself, and do lots more, replacing the need to be done by a human being. Nissan Intelligent Mobility can in other way described as a suite of integrated technologies that is in particular designed to enhance ride comfort in all real senses, like by increasing safety, better handling and maneuvering, and all this implemented by connecting itself with the one who sits behind the wheel. If you go driving a Nissan car that is integrated with its Intelligent Mobility, you can yourself witness, where the future of driving can lead to. 

Aims of Intelligent Mobility

There can be no innovation without an aim or purpose. Therefore, to understand the concept of Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility, we must have clear idea, about what it aims to do. 

Make the Driver Feel More Confident

Intelligent Driving is in fact an advanced form of driver assistant technologies that uses systems like Safety Shield 360 to increase the radius of driver’s visibility and more driving sense, with the help of the cameras and sensors that work hand in hand to guide the driver with all the relevant and real time information.

Intricate Connectivity

With the Brain-to-Vehicle technology, Nissan utilizes the pattern of human brain waves to create a stronger connection between the car and the driver, just like his extended limbs to give him more control, and from there making each drive predict what’s coming next and stay prepared in advance to deal with them. All this is done with the help of Nissan’s intelligent around view monitor and smart rearview mirror. Ask any test driver of the Seaside Nissan dealers, and they’ll explain how they got to know the roads and even human behavior better, with the help of Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility.


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