Do I Really Need to Do the Manufacturer Recommended Maintenance on My Car?

Regular Hyundai scheduled maintenance can keep your car running efficiently and safety.  It sounds so simple, but when you consider that 89% of all vehicles on the road have been found to need at least one repair or service, according to the Car Care Council.  Here’s what else they found:

  • A quarter of vehicles had low oil levels, or dirty oil
  • 13% were found with brake fluid issues (low levels or contamination)
  • 18% needed replacement air filters
  • 17% had low coolant levels, or coolant that wouldn’t do the job of cooling
  • 16% had poorly functioning wipers
  • 27% had low window washing fluid levels
  • 18% had cracked, chipped, or stretched belts.

Every one of these items would be caught – and fixed – during routine maintenance on these vehicles.  That would prevent them from becoming major problems putting your safety (and your savings) at risk.

It might be tempting to skip regular maintenance.  It takes your car out of service while it’s in the shop, and it costs you time.  You may even save a few bucks at the time by not getting your brakes checked or having your oil changed.  But cutting corners when it comes to your regular service is just a bad idea all around.  Those brakes you didn’t check may cause your rotors to wear, or not have the stopping power you need when it’s most important.  That oil change that didn’t happen may mean your engine builds up more friction and the oil loses its ability to lubricate, leading to costly engine repairs.

On the flip side, keeping up with the manufacturer’s recommended service can help avoid big ticket repairs and keep your car running better for longer.

Don’t Put Your Warranty At Risk

Failing to do your Hyundai scheduled maintenance may also put you in a grey area when it comes to future warranty claims.  Using sub-standard parts, or the wrong fluids, has the potential to cause problems on claims if damage occurs because of the use of non-manufacturer recommended items.

Advantages Of Using Dealer Services

By law, car manufacturers and dealers can’t force you to perform routine maintenance at a dealership in order to maintain the warranty coverage.  You can go somewhere else for an oil change or tire rotation, or do it yourself.  Still, there are good reasons to consider using your car dealership for service.

Dealerships maintain service records with your vehicle.  Most manufacturers provide an online portal with records accessible to other dealers.  That means if you have problem 500 miles from home, you will likely still be able to get service at a local dealership. 

If you do decide to go elsewhere for service, make sure you keep receipts and document the work in case there’s ever a question.


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