The Right Time For A Charitable Car Donation

Different people have different reasons for donating their cars to charity. Some people have a car they need to get rid of, while others just want to do a good deed. There are some people who want a tax deduction. However, there are many people that wonder when's the best time to donate a car, and there are six examples of when the time is right.

  1. Expensive Repairs

It's a good time to donate your vehicle when you have to start spending a lot of money on repairs. Smaller repairs can add up overtime. Eventually you could pay more to fix it than it does to just buy another vehicle.

  1. Want To Upgrade To A Newer Car

Are you getting ready to buy a new car? If so, now is a good time to donate your old car instead of trading it in. Many dealers will tell you they'll give you a discount if you trade in your vehicle.

However, the reason why dealers do this is because they know the car owners just want to get rid of their cars. Donate Car for Tax Credit can take your cars off your hands. You'll feel good knowing your car will be used to save lives. Don't forget, you can get a tax deduction by donating your car.

  1. Need A Tax Reduction

Need a tax reduction? If so, then donate your car. You have up until the last day of the year to receive the benefit for that tax year.

  1. Warranty Expired

Is the warranty on your car expired? If so, donate your car. This will eliminate the worry of potentially expensive repairs.

  1. Inheriting A vehicle

Sometimes love ones pass away, but they leave their vehicle to their surviving family members. If you inherit a vehicle, then you're responsible for the repairs, registering it, fixing it up or you might try to sell it. By donating your car, you can avoid such stresses.

  1. You Need A Larger Vehicle

If you need a bigger car due to your growing family or you just want a better car for your commute, then donating your vehicle may be a good idea. You can get rid of your car, then get a bigger one. Also, you'll feel good knowing your old car will be used for a good cause.

Donate your car today. We accept all vehicles, even cars that don't work. As long as your car has a title, we will take it off your hands.

Simply complete the online form or you can call us. There is no charge to you. Once everything is scheduled in, we'll pick up your vehicle. Go ahead and contact us today to donate your car and make a difference for those who have breast cancer.