The ins and outs of aftermarket car warranty

Some call it after market car warranty while others call it extended car warranty. Name it whichever way you want but it is one and the same thing. The purpose of such warranty is twofold. Since the cost of repair and maintenance can never be predicted, it becomes difficult for car owners to budget for it. If the figure is known in advance, it adds to the comfort of car owners. 

The uncertainty about repair expenses which can even run into thousands of pounds can make car owners jittery. Having an extended car warranty means that you spend a fixed sum of money and in exchange the warranty provider takes care of all costs for repair and maintenance of your car. You are happy that you know how much you have to spend and the car will always be up and running. At the same time assured no extra money is to be paid from your pocket.

The correctness of name

Legally speaking, extended car warranty can be a misnomer. The onus of guarantee for smooth running of the vehicle rests only with the manufacturer; hence the term “warranty” is related to the manufacturer only. 

Any other entity offering warranty is not tenable under the law. By extended warranty, what is actually meant is that it is a service contract between the car owner and the service provider who agree to look after the vehicle in exchange of an agreed sum of money.  In this context, aftermarket car warranty sounds to be a more reasonable term.

 Auto warranty companies

Once the manufacturer’s warranty gets over, you can switch over to any other service provider who agrees to maintain your car. 

There are several auto warranties companies in the market that service all brands of vehicles. You have to research thoroughly to identify a reliable auto warranty company because it is not unusual to come across scamsters in this business. Getting some references from reliable people around you can be quite re-assuring.

Choose a package

Click4warranty – UK Car Insurance Company says there are a variety of aftermarket car insurance packages that are available in the market as there are several companies offering such services. You have to be sure about the coverage level by comparing with the manufacturer’s warranty that you have enjoyed.  Since the vehicle is ageing and the likelihood of failure is more, be careful in choosing a warranty that can give you best return for your money while assuring that the vehicle is always healthy and fit. Remember that you get what you pay for.

Read the fine print

Having done all home work and getting ready to go ahead, take a pause to go through the terms and conditions of the warranty. This is where the secret of success lies. You will come to know exactly what is included in the scope of service, what are excluded and how you can qualify for availing the benefit of the warranty. 

Acting with caution and exercising your wisdom will help you to obtain the right kind of extended warranty that you are looking for.