Quarter Panels That Are Heavily Dented Are Never a Good Look for Your Car; Let Parts Avatar Canada Help You Find the Replacement Auto Part That You Need

Sometimes all it takes to ruin the entire look of a car is a deep dent or scratch along a visible auto pat of the car. Hence, someone who owns a fancy car such as a Jaguar or a BMW can be disgraced in front of their peers or colleagues simply because a certain part of the car looks damaged or worn out. Such a less-than-flawless look can also make people jump to conclusions about your driving skills. The moment their eyes fall on the heavily dented area, they make up excuses not to be in the passenger seat with you anymore. This can ruin the image of a car owner completely. Hence it is very important for you, as a car owner, to take care of your car and always make sure that every inch of it is damage-free and spotless.

But saying that is easier than actually doing it. Even when your car has not been in any accident, certain parts of your car can be roughed up from excessive use. One of those areas is the quarter panel. You might not have taken notice of this particular auto part separately since it seamlessly integrates with the rear end of your car. However, the quarter panel serves a pretty important function in your car. Apart from enhancing the design of your vehicle, it also acts a framework for the wheels at the backend of your car. It also helps the car maintain a perfect front-back balance, adding to the aerodynamics of the vehicle.

How Quarter Panels Get Easily Damaged

But quarter panels are extremely susceptible to dents and scratches, mainly because they are so near to the rear end wheels of the moment. Small stones, dirt and debris are always getting picked up by the car wheels and flung upwards. Since a quarter panel envelopes the upper half of the wheel, this auto part often gets in the way of the tiny particles that the hind wheels keep picking up from the road. This debris is often sharp-edged and hence, damaging to the car part they graze across. So, while you avoid getting into a car crash, it is pretty hard to keep quarter panels away from harm’s way. Although most small dents and scratches can be gotten rid of with a visit to the repair shop, if your quarter panel is severely dented, it is always better to replace it instead of trying to fix it somehow.

Regardless of whether you want your entire quarter panel changed or only a part of it, Parts Avatar Aftermarket Auto Parts is the place to buy aftermarket car parts at reasonable rates. What makes this a superior option is that you can browse to your heart’s desire before zeroing in on your final choice. Here you can choose from quarter panels made from various materials. You can find quarter panels that are made out of sheet metal, carbon fiber or fiber-reinforced plastic. If you are unsure of which material you ought to opt for, you can always consult the make and model of your car for guidance. You don’t want to mistakenly buy quarter panels that do not compliment your car. Some of the auto parts that are sold here are the following:

  • Wheel Opening Moulding
  • Quarter Panels
  • Side Quarter Panels

Even though you might end up having to replace the quarter panels of your car quite many times, it is never a good idea to put your faith on duplicate products, sold by shady car manufacturers. While they might appear cheap at first, they never live up to one’s expectations as more often than not, they are not durable or strong enough to withstand the wear and tear of long journeys. They end up getting damage sooner than you think, making you run to the repair store yet again. If you are unsure about which car brands to stick to when it comes to buying quarter panels for your car, here are a few car manufacturers that you can trust: Dorman, Crown, Spectra Premium, Sherman, Bores, Rugged Ridge and Moroso. If you are scared that you might get ripped off, it is a safe bet to buy quarter panels from Parts Avatar Canada, where you can buy aftermarket auto parts from none but only the verified car dealers.

DIY Small Repairs on Quarter Panel

On some occasions, your quarter panel might not be dented or scratched, but simply a little rusty. Rust might creep up the edges of the quarter panel specially after being exposed to extreme weather conditions and overuse. If it is a bit of rust that needs to be taken care of, there is no point in driving your car all the way to a repair shop, especially if the car technician charges you hundreds of dollars per hour. With the right set of tools and equipments and a few online tutorials regarding the same, you can treat a rusty quarter panel back to a shiny new condition in no time. Here is a brief step-by-step breakdown of how you can fix a rusty quarter panel:

  • Without cutting through the underlying metallic structure, rip away the rusty area of the quarter panel.
  • Place the removed section on a sheet of steel or whatever material the quarter panel is made up of and trace its outline on it with a permanent marker.
  • Cut along the outline and you will have a replacement for the rusty part of the quarter panel.
  • To hold the new steel patch in place, use a sufficiently strong magnet.
  • With a reliable MIG welder, “stitch up” the newest patch so that it sticks to the car’s body.
  • All that is left is to ground it down and repainted.

To handle this task yourself, you will need certain cutting and grinding tools as well as weld-through primer and welding wire, all of which can be purchased at Parts Avatar Canada.