Industrial Applications of Linear Actuators

The Linear Actuators are responsible for converting the rotary motion to the linear motion with the help of simple machines like a screw, wheel, and axle. It rotates the actuator screw and the nuts hold its basic position which provides the linear motion to the system.  In this process, the screw travels in the straight line in the up down movement. Without the motor, it can be a mechanical actuator and with electric supply, it becomes electric actuator.

The electric linear actuators are emerging in the market due to its high durability, easy handling, lower maintenance costs etc. Being powered by the electric motor, they provide 100{6f2836260fedf9ad242336b2a33c4cb8ca4369e8f9ab49d73548169bd47bcdeb} accuracy in the work and even reduce the frequent equipment changeover in the system. They are safer to use and the assembly process is also very easy.

There are many industrial applications of the linear actuators and some of them are explained below:

Tilt / Pivot: The linear actuators have many industrial applications like tilting the heavy object. With this equipment, you can tilt the object up to 180 degrees from its initial position. Here the extension and the retraction of the actuator are responsible for pivoting the object from its stationary end.

Lifting / Lowering: The linear actuators can help in lifting and lowering the heavy objects in workshops, industries, car washing zones etc. In the translating tube of the system, the actuator extends and retracts it and raises the object attached to the actuator. They come with different lifting capacities and speeds.

Position: With the help of the linear actuator you can change the position of the different types of equipment or the work pieces in the CNC machines. There are times when one frequently adjusts the position of the object or even objects. Here it helps in adjusting the positions of the objects as per the requirement. By just pushing the button you can manage the position of the tool and the object.

Rolling / Sliding: The linear actuator helps in rolling and sliding the heavy objects or even brings it to the required position. The movement of the actuator helps in clamping the object and makes it roll or slide as per requirement.