How to plan a civil wedding with a party in a wedding Limo?

Many people think that just because you have ruled out the church or temple as a venue for the ceremony you may not want to celebrate your civil wedding with a party. But it's not like that. The civil ceremony is perfect for couples who prefer to get married unrelated to any specific religion. The civil ceremony can be short and functional or formal. It will be as you wish, and it can be followed by a reception with lunch, a dinner, or simply a toast with cake.

Who can perform the civil marriage ceremony?

It can be quick and take place at the registry office, or you can pay the judge's travel fee and set a date for the ceremony outside the registry office. The idea is to check in at least two months in advance, so that you get the date you want. After the legal part, now it’s time to celebrate the wedding with cakes, drinks, foods, gifts and much more. Another thing that adds charm to the moment is hiring a Toronto Wedding Limo at affordable prices. You can hire it for the day. The feelings are something that we cannot them express properly in words.

What documents are needed to plan a civil wedding?

Documents can vary from notary to notary, so it is important to make sure you have everything you need to take to enter legal proceedings. Generally, identity and social security number of the bride and groom, birth certificate of the bride and groom and proof of residence of one of the bride and groom are usually required. If you choose to have the wedding in another city, you must check in and request the transfer of the process to another registry office.

What types of personal touches can we add to the ceremony?

The usual civil ceremony is very short and does not last much longer than a few minutes. You can ask the notary to say some nice words, thoughts about the wedding or to read some of the lines from the Bible. Another alternative is for you to read your love vows yourself after the civil ceremony has ended. You can read passages from the Bible or even pray with your guests.

What if I want a party? 

Most couples who opt for a civilian-only ceremony do not expect to have a big party, but they do want to celebrate with the people they love. The most common way to do this is to hold a mini-wedding. No matter what the size of your civil wedding with party, you deserve to be dressed in a beautiful wedding dress, with a beautiful bouquet.

How about having a civil wedding with a party at the home of a relative, friend or even at your home to cut costs? There are other options, such as restaurants and small clubs. Invite only those who you really want to be with you for your civil wedding with party. Plan the invitations and send them at least a month in advance.