Choosing the Best Options in AGV helmet


AGV helmet evolved, the Full Face helmet solves a major defect of the AGV, its generous frontal visor (hence its name) protects its user from the wind, allowing him to ride more comfortably in all seasons and at a higher average speed over long steps. A good Full Face AGV allows average speeds of 110 km / h without problems. The Full Face is a step above the classic AGV in terms of manufacture, and is found in many brands, including Japanese or European high-end.

The Choices

Like the standard AGV, the Full Face offers low facial protection in the event of an accident, even if the screen will protect somewhat. It will therefore be preferred on motorcycles or scooters with urban, utility or road rather than sporting vocations. Nevertheless, some manufacturers have chosen to improve the safety offered by this type of helmet by incorporating a protection in the jaw. An idea a priori simple which, without going to offer the protection of a real full face helmet, will bring a better. In fact, the development of these headsets Full Face + has created a kind of sub category of helmets called cross-over. The AGV helmets  come up as the best deal here.

Full face helmet motorcycle or scooter: the essential

Price: more expensive than AGVs, but again in a wide range

Offer: wide enough, every major brand offers at least one, they exist in polycarbonate or fiber or complex materials

Two wheels: all motorcycles and scooters, except sports

Comfort: the front visor extends its range of action, all seasons and all cylinders

Security: like AGVs, Full Face helmets offer virtually zero facial protection, but cross-over improves security

All motorcycles, all scooters

The modular helmet

Appeared quite recently among manufacturers, the modular helmet, as the name suggests, offers the opportunity to transform at will AGV or full. Note that the adjustable helmet is especially useful for wearers of glasses, usually little advantage by conventional integrals. This means that if these helmets offer the possibility to raise the front part when wearing them or for example during a fire stop (useful the summer), It must be lowered and locked as soon as it is rolled for effective protection.

It should be noted, however, that the manufacturers have adapted to the wishes of the users and also to the regulations. In fact, today, there are many models of modulables meeting the double homologation (AGV + integral). However, safety remains optimal only in the closed position. Modulables are today much more popular than 5 years ago. They are no longer just helmets for law enforcement or GT owners. The designs, the colors, have evolved and modulables seduce a wide clientele, including users of scooters or large trails.