Check out the Cutting-Edge Technology in New Ford Vehicles


The pace of technological growth in recent years has transformed more than just computers and phones — today’s vehicles are filled with innovations that drivers from past decades could never have imagined. From keeping drivers confident behind the wheel, entertaining everybody in the vehicle, and helping to keep everyone on the road safer, the technology in today’s Fords can do it all.

Let’s take a look at some advanced features you’re sure to love.

Sync 3

The available Sync3 in Fords like the Escape and others has powerful software and intuitive design, so it’s easy to get full use from your phone while you’re in the car in a way that is fundamentally safe. The touchscreen is large and sensitive, the voice recognition is enhanced, and adjusting things like the music or vehicle temperature is designed to be ultra easy to do.

With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you’ll have a seamless connection between your vehicle and your phone, so using the device we rely on most for music, mapping, and staying connected is never a struggle. Visit to see a fuller selection of vehicles offering the Sync3 technology, as well as other advanced features described below.

FordPass Connect

Select Ford vehicles are compatible with the optional FordPass app, which will allow users to control functions in their car from their phone such as start/stop and lock/unlock, as well as gauge things like fuel levels and mileage. 

Select models with FordPass Connect can also be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot, which can power up to 10 devices at the same time from a range within 50 feet of the vehicle. The FordPass app can track the amount of Wi-Fi used, and having such a hotspot means nobody in the vehicle needs to use up their personal data.

Being connected to the web is a simple way to keep people occupied on even the longest road trips.

Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking

This important feature from Ford’s suite of advanced technology known as Ford Co-Pilot360 can scan the road for other vehicles and pedestrians. If it detects something, visual and audio alerts will go off and the vehicle’s brakes will be readied for a safe stop.

If no corrective action is taken and the vehicle detects that a collision is imminent, it will put on the brakes automatically. 

Active Park Assist

Have you ever reached your destination and found a spot right in front, but it was a little tight, and you weren’t confident enough to pull into it with everybody watching? Available park assist eliminates this concern. 

Whether it’s a tight parallel or a reverse perpendicular spot, Fords with this feature can locate a potential spot. Then brake to a full stop, put it in neutral, and press the Active Assist button: your vehicle will take it from there.

Today’s technology is absolutely incredible, and it keeps evolving all the time. To experience modern technology on the go, drive one of the latest Fords.