Changes Observed in Vehicles Before and After Changing the Engine Oil

It is a known fact that a vehicle can keep performing at its best, only when you take good care of it. It is nothing but a moving machine that needs to be oiled at selected intervals. Your vehicle takes care of you when you need to visit places and in return it asks you to provide it with some basic care, denying which can bring severe trouble. Engine, which is the vital part of any vehicle that makes it move, needs to stay lubricated, without which all its mechanisms will start malfunctioning one by one, warned a senior mechanic who runs the Wendell oil change department.

There he also showed us the overall effect of changing the engine oil on the performance ability of a vehicle. A stark difference can be observed in the performance before and after an oil changing service, agreed the mechanics, and further explained how it all goes.

Before the Oil Change

If your car has driven beyond the certain distance without an oil change, as prescribed by the automaker, it will affect adversely on each of its movements. Loss of lubrication will stop the engine parts from acting smoothly. As a result, the engine will have to struggle hard in order to make the vehicle move. This will also reduce the fuel efficiency of the vehicle, since the engine will be heated up much frequently.

The engine oil, that flows through the different metal parts of the engine creates a protective wall that doesn’t allow metal to metal contact among those [parts, and hence prevent the engine from overheating. So, when the engine oil either dries up after certain period of car usage, or gets overly contaminated, it fails to flow smoothly through the engine, and thus cannot protect the engine from overheating any longer. This slowly damages the engine and therefore its performance. So, to prevent these unpleasant things from happening, all vehicle users are strongly recommended to keep change the engine oil in specific intervals, as prescribed in the owner’s manual.

After the Oil Change

As demonstrated by the mechanics who offer oil change service near Wendell, when lack of proper leads to the above mentioned state for the vehicle, it is obvious that after being properly lubricated, the engine will regain its original performance ability. The first difference can be observed in its key start, when the engine will not make any ugly noise, when you turn the key, and then you can enjoy the smooth movement of the vehicle, as you used to enjoy when you brought your vehicle fresh and new from the dealership.

The same way, the changing of the engine oil will bring back the engine its mileage capacity, where you will no longer need to halt at the pump stations so often. In other words, you can regain the original performance of your vehicle, if you change the engine oil, before it is too late, before the overheating has damaged the engine completely.