Can your insurance decide which workshop you should go to?

When a loss occurs with damage to the car, the workshop and the vehicle insurance company must agree on what time and repair costs are:

If the workshop and the insurance company reach an agreement in the valuation of the damages, the workshop will carry out the collection management before the insurer and this will pay the invoice as payment on behalf of the owner.

In the event that an agreement can not be reached, (and here the heart of the matter lies, because there are increasing disagreements between insurers and workshops regarding the hourly price or the cost of the materials to be repaired), the client must have knowledge of it, being able to order the repair to the workshop and once paid the invoice, go to your insurer to achieve the recovery of the invoice.

Logically, the latter is not the best alternative. That is why insurers have to "recommend" their concerted workshops, but they do not usually "oblige". Do not forget that you are the customer. The best? Make sure when you hire a policy for the car that you can choose the workshop where to repair when the time comes. Consumer organizations do not get tired of repeating it: you have to read the fine print of everything you sign, including the car insurance policy as maybe you can not go to your trustworthy workshop of a lifetime. You can get more info about trustworthy auto body workshop you can visit

Are the "concerted" workshops good?

Of course yes. In fact, quality is the main argument of insurers to defend their networks of concerted repairers. Some insurances allow you to choose a workshop and others do not. It depends on the commercial offer of the insurer. For the employer of the insurance the fact of having to opt for a concerted workshop does not affect neither the quality nor the speed of the repair. In general, the overall management of the incident tends to improve because the insurer coordinates these repairs better in its network than in other workshops.