Auto Appraisal Company - How the Valuation is Done on a Classic Car

Classic car appraisal is done by a careful evaluation of the condition of the car. Your auto appraisal company will check to see if the numbers in the parts as imputed by the manufacture match with the car and if the paint of the car is actually authentic. Though the process is complex but it is very essential as it forms the basis of the valuation of the car. Lets us further discuss how the valuation is done on a classic car.

Firstly, when the car appraisal is done, the condition of your car might either be excellent, good, medium and need restoration. All of these is represented by scale numbers 1 to 4. Scale 1= Needs Restoration, 2= medium, 3= Good, 4= Excellent.Image result for Auto Appraisal Company - How the Valuation is Done on a Classic Car

Secondly, the numbers of the cars are checked including the VIN tag, RPO code, engine number and so on. The numbers of the car are checked to ascertain which parts do not belong to the car and the ones that don’t belong on the car

Another factor to consider is how rare the care is. If the car is a rare car it will worth more and if the car is a common car it will worth less.  

After the car is appraised by a competent auto appraisal company, you will be provided with the outcome as to if your car is in good condition, if all the parts are correct, if it is a rare brand and so on and so forth. No matter the type of car that you have whether classic or old fashioned car, ensure to get the appraisal done by a trustworthy appraiser. Whether you want to get your car sold or not, it is paramount to know the worth of your car. Just for emphasis lets discus a bit more about the rating condition of your car when it is appraised.

Scale 1= Needs Restoration: this is when your car is not safe for driving due to its poor condition. This rating is the lowest and poorest.

Scale 2= Medium: this is the next rating if your car is a bit safe to drive but still need mechanical attention to put it in a better condition.

Scale 3= Good: this means that your car is in good condition as it implies and it is safe to drive but it has some minor scratches on the body and the paint is not appearing well. This rating is encouraging and the vehicle still has all the parts when it was manufactured.

Scale 4= Excellent: this rating is known to be the highest rating of all and it is the best. This rating means that the car is absolutely in good condition and there are scratches what so ever on the body of the car and that its original paint color is in place coupled with the fact that all its parts are complete.