Ask These Important Questions to Auto Transport Company before Handing Over Your Car

 While moving to a different city or country, it will be a good idea to hire the services of a reliable auto transport company, so that you can send your car to your new location in a safe manner.

However, your car is one of the costliest possessions and hence before you hand over your car, it is important that you must ask few important questions to convince yourself about the company.

While choosing any auto transport company, you must ensure that you select any reliable and reputed auto Transport Company like so that you are assured of best services.

Following are few questions that you must surely ask them.

1. Are you company representative or broker?

Often these companies work through broker, but you must prefer to discuss with a company representative to be safe side.

2. Do you need any upfront payment?

Prefer to talk to some other shipping company, if the company representative asks you to pay certain upfront payment for their service.

3. Whether your company is a registered?

Ensure that you deal only with any registered and licensed company. Reject the company if their answer is No.

4. What is your best price?

Try to negotiate the price after you find out what is the prevailing price in the market. However, do not squeeze too much so that the company makes no business out of you.

5. What kind of insurance that you offer?

You must ensure that the company is fully insured and also ask them to show their insurance paper to know what type of insurance that he will provide you.

6. How you calculate the charges?

Try to understand the algorithm, how he will charge the service fee for transporting your car to your desired location, so that you can see where you can negotiate.

7. Can you give any reference?

Ask the company to provide you any reference and if the company fails to provide any reference then reject them.

8. What documents will you need?

Make sure that all the required documents are available with you.

9. What are the restrictions about vehicle that you ship?

Know about various restriction about the vehicles that they cannot ship so that you can ensure that your vehicle is free from that.

10. How should I make my car ready for shipping?

It is important for you to know how you should hand over the car to them.

11. How much time will it take to reach my car at destination?

This is very important for you to know when you will get your car back.

12. Shall I have to be present during delivery and pick up? 

A valid question to ask

13. Will you provide door-to-door service?

Know how much extra you need to pay for such service.

14. Is there any customer support available?

It will be better to know any customer support number, so that if necessary you can get the exact status of your car delivery.

15. Why you consider as best service provider?

Ask this open question and every transporter will have the own reasons to be best.