What Makes Your BMW Usage so Special?

You want to buy a used motorcycle, but what exactly do you pay attention to when buying? Search for your desired engine and check whether it meets these technical points. Thanks to these golden purchase tips, you will never buy a cat in a bag again. As you can for the used BMW motorcycles, you can learn some about the BMW usagé also.

  1. External condition

What does the engine look like at first sight? Long lived and never cleaned? Then chances are that maintenance was not high on the seller's list. If the price is right, you can still look through this. But if it is not a bargain, take a critical look at the engine. On the other hand, if the engine is in a tight condition, the chance is much greater that the owner is an enthusiast. It’s an advantage.

  1. Check tires

Take a good look at the tread and cheeks of the tires. A skewed tread may indicate poor alignment of the frame, front fork or swingarm. In other words, something can be skewed, for example due to a fall or accident. You don't want to have drought cracks either. They increase the chance of a blowout and are therefore life-threatening. Check the age of the tire by looking up the DOT code. This is a four-digit code with the week number and year of production. 3718 = week 37 of 2018. If the tire is four to five years old, we recommend replacing it with a fresh one. This is a good point to chat about the price.

  1. Check brakes

The condition of the brake pads cannot be seen in one storage. Often you have to remove the brake pads for this. Now that is not the cost, for forty euros you have new brake pads for the front wheel. What you have to pay attention to, are the brake discs. If these are worn flat feel with your fingers over the brake surface of the disc then they are in good condition. If the braking surface is bumpy, this means worn-out brake pads. It is not absolutely necessary to replace the brake discs immediately, but it is not 100%.

Also pay attention to the brakes during the test drive. Is there still enough braking power no spongy brake lever and the front does not vibrate when breaking hard? If the brake lever is spongy, there is probably air in the pipe, which is easy to solve. If the front of the motor vibrates when braking, the discs are curved, which in turn can entail considerable costs.

  1. Tank

Open the fuel cap and take a look inside the tank. Bare metal is what you want to see and certainly not rust. If the tank is corroded on the inside, this means that it has stood still for a long time with little or no petrol in the tank. Rust will loosen and will clog the fuel filter or even get into the carburetor or injection, with all the problems that entails.

  1. Link

The coupling cannot be tested when stationary, so you have to take this with you in the test drive. How does the link work? Does it keep slipping when accelerating? Do you stop at the traffic light with the clutch pulled in, but still want to crawl slowly forward? These are indications of problems with the coupling. This can often be solved by replacing the clutch plates and cable, but new plates are a costly repair.

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