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 Top 6 Car Window Tinting Myths

Having your vehicles installed with window tint films provides you and other people with many benefits like sun protection, privacy, safety, and security.

However, despite all the advantages that window tints give to cars, there are still some car owners who aren’t that convinced of purchasing and putting up window tint films on their vehicle due to several misconceptions.

Here are six of them:

First one is that car tinting is only for aesthetics. Yes, it is true that window tinting in Chino, CA adds beauty to your car but aside from that, it also blocks 40 to 50 percent of solar heat.

Second is that car window tint in Chino, CA is against the law. There are specific rules or guides in window tinting but it is definitely not unlawful.

Third misbelief is that most tints will bubble out in time. If you don’t buy high-quality window tints and use a cheap one, or hire an amateur to set this up on your car, then the tints will eventually bubble out.

Fourth myth is that window tints will decrease a vehicle’s resale value. This is not true and this will only happen if the overall condition of a certain vehicle is not working well anymore.

Myth 5 is that window tints make windows unbreakable or indestructible. The hardness of the window depends on the glass itself and not on the tint installed. In addition, window tints increase the strength of the windows and prevent pieces of broken ceramics from falling easily.

Lastly, anyone can install car window tints so you don’t need to look for an expert. Installation is not as easy as putting stickers on paper. Precision and expertise is what you need in order for the car window tints to last long. For more detailed info about Window tinting myths, see this infographic by Global Tint USA.


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