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The smart bike Xtreme 200s smartly connect the roads with a great on-road price

The road of Kolkata carries the different road conditions as per weather or terrible traffic on road. The people in Kolkata are looking for the best bike to meet every terrible road conditions. To handle and overcome the traffic and sustainable against the road damages, Hero Xtreme 200S was launched by Hero Motor Corp. The region in and around the Kolkata is filled with the most foreigners to explore the traditional things. Even foreigners give attention to take the bike ride on Kolkata under the Hero Xtreme 200S price in Kolkata.

Types of road conditions faced by the Hero Xtreme 200s

Many bikes from different manufacturers are made by considering the road conditions. Thus the hero Xtreme 200s bike was designed to face the different road conditions. The potential of the tyres from the Hero Xtreme bike in Kolkata road is listed below.

  • Dry Roads
  • Wet roads
  • Damp Roads
  • Hard-packed snow
  • Fog
  • Black Ice
  • Aquaplaning
  • Freezing rain/moisture
  • Hoar frost

When the bike can handle these types of road conditions the pricing of the bike will be more valuable. Approximately the hero Xtreme 200S price in Kolkata is 1, 23,000 (on-road), the off-road price will differ from dealer and showroom.

Key specifications and features

Most people are making the mistake to compare the worthy specification of the vehicle with the price of the vehicle. Thus the duration of time when the Hero Xtreme 200S was introduced doesn’t get more fame but after few days the bike becomes a suitable bike for Kolkata people to cross miles. The specification of the bike plays a major role to make the rate of the bike worthy of purchase. 199.6 powered CC, 36 Kmpl, 18.4 PS at 8000 rpm, Air-cooled system, single-cylinder, OHC, 4-Stroke, and 2-valve is the major addressable specification on hero Xtreme 200s bike.


Features of the bike make the cost worthy

Most of the bikes from the Hero Motorcorp will be designed by considering the customer feedback from launched bikes to update on upcoming bikes. They perform modification in the bike body type, graphics, digital technologies, navigation alerts, Cooling system features by taking the idea from the customer review. Digital indicators, clock, seat type, and vehicle body weight modifications on bike costs as similar to hero Xtreme 200S price in India. The rate of the vehicle will also vary from vehicle buying showroom.

Hero Xtreme overcomes the road hassle

You may experience sudden road damages and traffic on the bad road condition. If the bike tyre is not so dry and grips it may lead you to slip. To overcome and avoid those instances Hero Motorcorp fills up the potholes with potential tyres of Hero Xtreme. That’s why the Hero Xtreme 200S price in Kolkata is affordable than the price of Hero Xtreme from other cities.

Wheels of Hero Xtreme are violent to overcome the harsh road condition with the sheer edges. In the sense, when you need to be safe on Kolkata road buying the Hero Xtreme 200S price in Kolkata is an ideal thing.


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