The New Classic Cars

A "classic" car is essentially any model more than 25 years old – and in this case, those underappreciated rides of the late 1990s can officially be considered to make the title as a classic in the history of all good motors.

Mercedes-Benz SL

Introduced to the motor market in 1972, the Mercedes SL is now 46 years old! On its release, Merc's SL ranged from 12 to 54 thousand pounds, thus it really was a one-of-a-kind ride for 70s and 80s enthusiasts.

Now, though, a fair few car enthusiasts argue that Mercedes' 1972 SL makes the ideal motor to flaunt at vintage roadshow events all around the world. "I believe it was previously referred to as 'the panzer' and it was probably because, for that time, the car was made ridiculously strong", says Nathan Lowrey of Andrews Garage. "And despite its purpose, you can drive it much like you would an everyday convertible."

Datsun Z

Calling all Fast & Furious fans, all around the world! Although it'd be considered a crime to know nothing of the Datsun Z, for those who don't know what whirlwind 1970 brought to the car market, perhaps you should refresh your memory of Vin Diesel's movie career. That's right, the Datsun Z featured as a favourite in the early Fast & Furious movies, causing the number of models sold to rocket since everybody wanted to jump behind the wheel of one for themselves! Unfortunately, production of the Datsun Z ended abruptly eight years later in 1978, leaving all car enthusiasts eager to get their hands on the last few. On average, a single Datsun Z would sell at a price between £5,773 and £40,405 – with that said, finally owning one would depend on how badly you wanted to test one out!

Porsche 928

The 928 is certainly a jaw-dropper. It first hit the market in 1978, making it 40 years old. However, since the production of Porche's 928 came to an end in 1995, it’s technically only been a classic for 3 years… The 928 was intended to replace the 911 by combining the refinement of a luxury sedan with the speed of a sports car. The executives at Porsche thought this would have a wider appeal than the quirky and sometimes difficult 911.




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