Repairing your Travel Trailer  

There are some similarities to making repairs on your rolling home that you do to your brick and mortar home. For instance, both your RV trailer and stationary homes have a kitchen and bathroom. Therefore, basic knowledge about faucet repair in your home you should aid you in repairing your RV faucets.

You can certainly save a lot of money doing your own repairs on your RV. However, if you are unable to do a repair on your RV, a reliable RV repair company is invaluable.  

How to repair rotting wood in your travel trailer

Having knowledge of repairing wood in your travel trailer will enable you to save money doing it yourself.  There can be many reasons why a travel trailer develops a leak. For instance, a tree branch may falls onto the trailer and can cause roof damage.  The caulking and rubber seals can deteriorate with age, or a bad rainstorm may result in leakage within the trailer. Make sure you dry the area really well so you can repair the leak efficiently.  

Follow the following steps when repairing any rotting wood in your travel trailer:

  1. Assess of how much rotted wood there is. If wood rot is due to a water line burst, first remove appliances or counters to repair the leak.
  2. Most rotten wood is in the floor; these repairs take longer because you need to remove and replace floor areas.
  3. You might be able to repair some rotten wood with a marine epoxy.  
  4. Removal of the dinette or cabinets may be required for repairing some rotten wood areas.
  5. Most travel trailers have floors that consist of plywood with a hard insulated center.
  6. Create a new floor using properly measured lumber, to replace the old floor.
  7. Once you have repaired the floor you can cover it with matching sticky floor tiles.  Or take this opportunity to give your trailer a new look with a new tile pattern.

How to diagnose and Repair grounding issues in your trailer

A poor ground connection can cause a lot of drama while on vacation.  This next section will aid you in diagnosing and fixing the issue. If the tail lights work great until the running lights are on, this is a clue to a ground issue. When tracing for a poor ground connection, you must first check the connector for the trailer on the vehicle.  Ensure that the white connector wire is firmly grounded to the vehicle chassis or frame. Next, ensure that the connection is made to clean metal. A connector covered with any type of corrosion or excess undercoating,will prevent a clean metal-to-metal ground connection. Ensure the place where the connector is attached (usually on the tongue of the trailer) is a clean, corrosion-free connection.  Check each lamp separately to ensure a good, clean connection with individual ground wires attached to trailer frame.

You will soon discover there are several Do-it-Yourself videos on trailer repair.  You can save lots of money learning to do your own repair work versus hiring a trailer repair company.  If you choose to hire a professional repair service, ensure the company is well trusted locally.

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