Know the Perks of Genesis Model Servicing from Reliable Dealers

The most difficult part of selecting a car is to make a choice based on a useful comparison. A major section of people tends to believe that the buying decision is nothing but a reflection of personal taste. Well, the reality involves much more than it, as the personal preference regarding the choice of cars depends on comfort level, luxury, performance and reliability of the particular car. It is not always possible to find everything in a single vehicle, and therefore people start prioritizing their choice.

However, in the modern era, the revolution in the automobile industry has led the manufacturers to incorporate new inventions into the vehicles to make those better than the previous models. When it comes to the perfect mixture of luxury and comfort, there is no better option than the exclusive Genesis series. You can choose any of the models from the reputed Corona Genesis Dealer and that too at an unbelievable discounted price. However, before making the final selection regarding the model, focus on the extensive benefits you are sure to receive by relying on the Genesis model servicing facility.

Free Scheduled Maintenance

The best part of settling down for a Genesis model is it comes with a complimentary scheduled service for consecutive three years. The process of servicing makes sure the vehicle you have invested in can ensure that it runs smoothly on the road without causing any hassle. The maintenance will help in maintaining the efficiency of your precious vehicle and that too without involving any more expenses. After every 7500 miles of the ride, the service providers will change the engine oil without taking any charge so that the engine keeps on giving you the required performance.

Valet Program

Another biggest benefit of having Genesis car in your garage is you will not require taking your vehicle to the garage or service center for servicing. Rather, the technicians will come and take your car to the designated service zone, leaving you with another vehicle so that you can carry out your daily work and business without facing any inconvenience. Interestingly, the valet program is also a complimentary service.

Updates on Navigation

You will also be able to enjoy the navigation up to date facility. The mapping of roads can be changed, and the Genesis dealer Riverside will update the navigation map accordingly so that you don’t lose your track while you are somewhere new around your country. Just like every other service, the Genesis dealers have made it as a complimentary service for user convenience.

Constant Roadside Assistance

Don’t feel stressed out in the case you had to face any malfunction with the car. All you need to do is to inform any of the nearby Genesis dealer, and they will instantly reach out to you and tow your vehicle to the service center. We will make sure that your problems are attended with immediate effect. Moreover, we arrange your transportation to the service center as well. In the case, the repair gets completed overnight; the dealership service center will even do that service free of cost. The sole aim of free of cost services is to provide you with efficient services so that you can drive the car without hassle.


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