How to Repair Windshield Wipers with These Common Problems

How to repair windshield wipers? Well, some people will think less about this area until something is wrong with the wipers. There are at least 3 common problems that occur to the windshield wipers. Here we have several tips you can try to fix it.

Smearing in both directions

If your windshield wipers make the water smeared in both directions then there might be this problem on them such as:

∙         Broken blades;

∙         Dirty wiper blade or windshield;

∙         And sub-par fluid on windshield wiper.

How to repair windshield problem in this case? You can try with new wiper fluid to clean both windshield and wiper blade. Then you can replace the blades. To reduce the streak on the windshield, you can rub the blade’s edges with alcohol.

When this problem occurred in one direction then there are two possibilities. First, the blades may be hard and old. The second, these might be in wrong. Buy a new one already.


You may find chattering sound around the wiper. Besides annoying, the water is not efficiently wiped. It can be due to the wax or other dirt buildup so the blade could not wipe the water efficiently. You can scrub the windshield along with the blades. But if it does not fix the problem then it might be caused by a bent arm of the wiper. The blades and windshield should be in parallel line.

Water beads will not wipe away

This thing is really annoying and caused by high pollution in overall. The dirt may build up on the windshield and the beads will stick there longer. You can clean it off with the glass cleaner. If it does not give any effect then you can try the wax remover. Just put your eyes on the paint. And this is how to repair windshield wipers.