How Sporty is the New Genesis Luxury SUV GV80 Model Series

The GV80 models are playinga seriousrole in building up the portfolio of the luxury automotive brand Genesis. It is so because the GV80 models are the first models from this house that joins the luxury SUV category. The first impressions that it hasalready created in the minds of the car lovers is something to boast about and that reflects back in the sales record it has made last year with the release of the 2020 edition of the GV80 models, reported a popular Philadelphia luxury SUV dealer.

Setting up the Benchmark

The recently released GV80 models from Genesis has a large number of fan following which says that the model has already set up a benchmark in its own segment about how an ideal combination of luxury, utility and sportiness can be created. Right from providing one of the roomiest cabin in its segment to the envious engine performances, from a gorgeous yet somber look to rugged utility and reliability score, the Genesis GV80 models have them all.

Sporty Exterior Style

It is from the very first visual appeal that the Genesis GV80 models could create so much impact on the market of its own category. The energy vibes it throws, the full gloss, satin finish body surface, the smooth flow design perfectly matching the brawny styled crease-heavy bodysides, are all part of its sporty exterior styling cues that uplifts the spirit of anyone who gets a ride in any of the Genesis GV80 models.

To get enough control on the roads, both paved and unpaved, Genesis has given the GV80 models an extra ride height that makes it look prominent with those large 22-inch wheels. The front grille sitting in the Genesis signature logo looks gorgeous especially because of the newfound pairs of Quad Lamp LED lights. The elongated bonnet in tune with the triangular D-pillars attains excellent outward visibility not only from the first two rows but even from the third row, which is a class exclusive feature one can find these days. At the rear end the dramatically tapered tail finishes the story with a sporty intrigue.

Mindful Luxury Components

The Genesis GV80 lineup series ranges from providing cabins good for hauling five-to seven people, depending upon your p0references, that will automatically include as much space to load their personal belongings as much they need for a long journey.

Genesis maintains its sporty spirit not only under the hoods but also inside each of its cabins. Right from creating the right ambience with a ‘mood sound’ and ‘mood lighting’ to installing an intercom service to establish a hassle free communicate between the first-to-third-row passengers, the Genesis GV80 models show how sportily it can carry out the purposes of an SUV at all means.

In other words, to conform well to its segment of crossover SUVs, that not only are supposed to haul good amount of people but also drive fantastically on every kind of road surface, the GV80 models imbibe everything that is necessary, agreed all the staff members of the famous dealership of luxury SUVs near Philadelphia

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