Higlights On Parking Barriers

Well-Equipped parking guarantees smooth and organized traffic within it. To organize and delimit parking in an area of your company's parking area, equip your parking lot with parking barriers. Easily control access to your business with automatic parking barriers and regulate the space within the parking area with protective arches. All these equipment are robust and easy to use like the cable ramp, and it is a real solution to combat parking problems.

Where To Place The Parking Barriers

To organize and control the parking spaces, you have to equip the parking spaces according to your needs. Parking barriers have the function of protecting and controlling access to a property. This equipment can be placed at the entrance of the parking area or directly on a parking space. To indicate to whom the parking is reserved, the parking arches must be accompanied by a parking signal such as parking for disabled persons or a place reserved for two-wheeled vehicles.

What Types Of Parking Barriers Can You Choose?

There are different solutions for vehicle access to parking lots and parking spaces to control access to parking spaces and guarantee to park.


Automatic Barriers For Parking with remote control

Efficient parking barriers with remote control can be controlled from vehicles. Only a few seconds are enough to fold or stand up to prohibit or allow access to the parking lot or parking area. Robust, they are equipped with a damping spring that prevents the barrier from breaking if it is folded tightly. To complete this equipment and indicate the parking areas, you should also have signs of reserved parking spaces and cable protectors.

Parking Barriers With Padlock

With the same objective of guaranteeing to park, the parking barriers with keys are equipped with three feet and a lock. Robust and easy to use, they allow you to release or protect access to the car park quickly. These anti parking arches get on or off quickly.


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