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Announcing the New Tokens to Be Used on Gluon Platform – Glu Tokens

The vision for the Gluon platform is one that will have usages worldwide. To enable widespread adoption as well as international use of the Gluon platform, the company has developed an approach that is unique. This involves crypto currency payments and the development for a reward token to be used within the system encouraging consumers to use. Using cryptocurrency will eliminate the need for currency conversions between payments that are traditional as well as remove large risks linked to:

  • Long settlement periods
  • Unwarranted charge backs
  • Fraud

Lower fees

The fees linked with the cryptocurrency are much lower than any charged by credit card issuers and lower than fees assessed by bank transfers. This reduced fee model will motivate the use of the cryptocurrency from the app and Glu tokens can be used to award or prize the many types of participation included but not limited to:

  • Purchase of products
  • Writing reviews
  • Selling products to other using P2P listing and payment systems
  • Creating useful content such as guides or videos

Other uses

This Glu token will also be rewards for those content providers who write blog posts and write articles within the gluon platform. Also for those who write articles on installing products recommended fortuning or repair purposes will help the spread of these new tokens. Those owners also can use the tokens to pay for goods or auto repair.

Utilizes the E-platform

The Glu token uses the “Ethereum platform” as well as the Smart Contact system. The Smart Contract system is sort of like a vending machine for the agreements linked with every token. Each Glu token is linked to an eToken-contract. Glu tokens can also be used for vehicle registration or almost anything involved with auto ownership, and the tokens will be deposited in the user’s account.

Ensures transactions

Using blockchain ensures that all these transactions are:

  • Secure
  • Self-sufficient
  • Autonomous

Plans for creating tokens

The company is planning to create 200 million Glu tokens Glu through the Smart Contract System. 75 million will be retained by the company and 125 million will then be available to sale.


The sales of these token will begin soon. Visit for further information about the Glu tokens.


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