A few lines on Toyota Solara

Toyota Solara was basically a version of Toyota Camry. Its full name was Toyota Camry Solara. Camry has been one of the best sellers of Toyota over the years, especially in the period between 1998 and 2009. As such these two cars did have some features that are similar but there were also some areas where they tended to be different and these areas of difference were quite prominent as well.

The history of Solara

Toyota started to make Solara in 1998. This was supposed to be a two-door car and also a sportier version of Camry. In fact it replaced Toyota Camry Coupe. Camry Coupe was started by Toyota in 1994. That was too supposed to be the sportier version of Camry. At that time the car competed primarily with Honda Accord Coupe, a mid-sized car that was equipped with sporty traits as well. In its role as a substitute of Camry Coupe the car was fitted with a four cylinder engine. It had a little bit more in terms of power when compared to Coupe. The model also had other features such as updated stereo and other sporty options. A few years after the car was introduced Toyota brought about a convertible version of this car to its assembly of midsized cars. These cars were fitted with V-6 engines. You can easily get your Toyota car from your Carson City Toyota Dealer.

Performance of Toyota Solara

Solara has always been getting better in terms of performance. In 2002, Toyota came up with Solara V-2 that was supposed to provide better performance. As far as gas mileage is concerned normally Solara would give you 19 to 23 miles in the city for each gallon and in the highways this could go up to 26 to 33 miles. The latest version of Camry is also similar in terms of mileage.

Exteriors of Toyota Solara

This is where the main area of difference lies between Camry and Solara. You can get any of the latest Toyota cars from your nearest Toyota Carson City outlet. Solara has two doors and Camry comes with four doors. There are trimmer and sportier options as far as Solara is concerned. Solara can thus be called a streamlined alternative to Camry.

Extra features

Toyota Solara came with some additional features. It had sport suspension as well as performance tires. It was also equipped with leather upholstery and a compact disc (CD) changer that can accommodate up to six discs. The wheels of this car were made from aluminium and measure 16 inches. In the newer models of Solara you could find features such as Bluetooth connectivity, navigation systems, satellite radio, and support for MP3 devices.


Toyota decided to stop making Solara cars from 2009 onwards. This happened in spite of the unique style of these cars. Much of this could be attributed to the fact that the car’s sales were dropping over the years. In fact, by then the demand for mid-sized sporty cars with convertible variations had receded and Solara was a victim of that.

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